3 Ways To Start A Pet Sitting Business

Are you a pet lover? If you love animals like cats and dogs, you’ll find it pretty easy to make a business out of sitting pets at home. A pet is basically a member of the family. Some prominent families even spend thousands of dollars just so their pets could feel really comfortable. In Australia almost every home has a pet or two. Most of them cats, dogs or birds. More often than not you will see dogs as they are the most common type of pet that children and adults prefer.

How Could I Start A Pet Sitting Business?

Simple, first off, your home must be pet-proof. If you’re planning on having a couple of dogs or cats over to your place, you must be prepared to have a lot of fur stuck on the couch, scratches on furniture, and poop everywhere. If you’re not up for all of this, don’t even think about it. Pet sitting requires a lot of patience with animals and a lot of after care. Not just for the pets but for your home too. Next you need to be dedicated to this job full-time. If you’ve got somewhere else to go you won’t gain many customers. You must be able to spend most of your time taking care of the pets as if they were your own.

Hire Employees!

Pet sitting just can’t be accomplished by a one-man-team. It takes group effort especially if you’ve got your handful of pets already. You’ll never know when clients will come in so a backup employee is always a good idea. Other than that, you’ve got a helping hand so cleaning up after and watching over the pets wouldn’t be much of a hassle on your part.

Provide a Pet Friendly Environment

Since this is going to be a pet sitting business at home, you should make changes that will fit the needs of your client’s pets. A dedicated room filled with pet play toys would be good. This way, you’ll keep the pets busy while tending to other things. Also make sure that each pet is well fed. Ask the owner what set of food their pets eat. Sometimes different varieties of pets are allergic to some types of pet food. It’s essential to keep track of all this information. You wouldn’t want to get sued by a pet owner for negligence.

Last but not least, have a blast & keep it a fun business that you will love & cherish.

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