Hi, I’m Tricia May and Todays Savvy Woman was born  from the desire I personally had to start living life on my terms instead of other peoples.

I spent years in corporate management, marketing  and customer relations but it never made me happy… I always had this little voice inside me trying to tell me I deserved better!

I knew things had to change, I mean we can only go down  that miserable path for so long, right?

So anyhow finally realising I had to work on “me”,  I invested in coaching, read endless amounts of personal development books, subscribed to trainings and courses and started putting into practice all I was learning. I don’t profess to know everything, but am happy to share what I have learnt.

Having also completed certifications in life coaching and the Law of Attraction, I would like to help you to begin making the changes in your life necessary to achieve your goals.   I can do that by showing you how to break your goals down into simple action steps that are easy to follow, keeping you on track until you have achieved the results you are looking for.

Taking ACTION though is the key to developing the confidence in the continuation of whatever it is you want to achieve, because without ACTION, it’s impossible for there to be progress.

I’m going to tell you something my mentor always told me….

YOU are the only one that can do what YOU do the way YOU do it!

Realise right now that you ARE a Confident, Bright, Savvy Woman who can achieve anything.

Would love to have you reach out to me on  Pinterest , Twitter &  Facebook .

Food for Thought……Time goes quickly and is too precious to waste !

Fun Facts:  I live in Sydney, Australia. I love Capuccinos (we ARE the coffee capital of the world just so you know!) I much prefer Spring/Autumn now that I’m Ahmmm a bit “older” as our Summers are just too blisteringly hot.  I love music, hate cooking (& cooking shows – enough already!) Hate cruelty to animals and last but not least absolutely adore my little dog Nala (even though she can be really naughty!)





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